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Stop Motion Studio
Creativity at your fingertips.

Want to create movies like Wallace and Gromit or those groovy Lego shorts on YouTube? Create beautiful stop motion animated movies anywhere instantly on your device. Everything you need is right at your fingertips. No computer needed. "It's simple to use, it's deceptively powerful, and it's tremendous fun."

CinemaFX Pro
Turn your video clips into Hollywood movies

CinemaFX Pro contains three different video tools to style your video clips. Enhance your video clips with this powerful creative tool. Adjust exposure, contrast and vibrance or add a vignette. Use Tilt-Shift to create awesome looking movies that fools the eye – where everything appears like a fake miniature re-creation of the scene. Or create a Time-lapse effect to transform virtually any video file into a time-lapse movie.

Timelapse Camera
Discover Time.

Time Lapse Camera HD automatically captures images to create captivating timelapse videos instantly on your device. The possibilities are endless and the results are stunning using fully-automatic 16:9 HD timelapse recording. Just set the timing or number of frames, and you re good to go.

Webcam made easy.

Do you want to check what your pet is doing, if your house is secure or if your kids are safe? Monitor multiple live webcam video feeds. In addition, our remote camera app lets you use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch as a remote camera. Easy setup, easy to use.

Electronic Tuner
Tuning an instruments has never been easier.

Every musician knows an accurate chromatic tuner is an absolutely essential piece of gear. And tuning accoustic and electric instruments has never been easier. Tuner allows you to tune any note with amazing accuracy using the built-in mic on your device.

Timelapse Studio
The Professional Time-lapse Solution

Watch sunrise or sunset compressed to a one-minute video. See a flower blossoming or ice melting. Observe clouds or the movements of a busy street. Create fake miniature movies where everything appears as if it where actually miniature models. Endless possibilities. Timelapse Studio automatically captures images and creates a stunning time-lapse video. Try it.

Silent Film Studio
Create your very own silent movie

Love the nostalgic look of those old silent movies? It’s never been easier to create your own...instantly on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad with Silent Film Studio. Right down to static, celluloid dirt and scratches and that old-time film look.

Life in Style.

Enjoy this stylish flip clock with realistic sound and flip animation. Sit back and watch the time flip in old school style. Your clock comes with 12 and 24-hour mode, build-in dimmer and alarm. Life in Style. Available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Bluetooth Photo Share
Photo Sharing through thin Air

Check out this cool new way to share photos and videos with your friends - through thin air! No Internet connection required. Photoshare’s Bluetooth photo sharing lets you transfer photos or videos from your iPhone/iPod or iPad to any other iPhone/iPod or iPad using a Bluetooth connection. No setup required: just install and you’re good to go. Easy to use and totally FREE! Give it a try now.

Signal Generator
A “must have” tool.

Turn your iPhone into a powerful signal generator and produce perfect sine, cosine, square, triangle or sawtooth waves. Even white and pink noise can be generated. Available for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

Sound Level Meter
How loud is it?

Want to know how loud your new sound system, the rock concert, the club really is? Get the amazing sound level meter and find out.

"We love apps and we love what we do and we put that in each of our apps."

Cateater™ is an Atlanta, Georgia based development studio. Our apps are in several top ten categories all over the world as well as in Apple’s Staff Favorites and What’s Hot lists.