Ages 12-14


Students will create a short movie demonstrating a science experiment on erosion


Our Earth is constantly reshaped by forces of erosion, as wind, water, and ice wear away the Earth’s landscape. Creating a stop-motion video on erosion can help students better understand the scientific method and the powerful effects of erosion.


Topic Earth science
Target age 12 to 13 years old
Ideal group size 2 or 3 students
Time to complete 2 to 3 class periods


  1. Students should form groups of two to three to research wind, water, or ice erosion.
  2. The groups must design an experiment that demonstrates the effects of one type of erosion, then create a stop-motion video of their experiment.
  3. Each movie should follow the steps of the scientific method: Ask a question, research the question, create a hypothesis, test the hypothesis, analyze the data, share the result.
  4. After students share their experiments, the class can compare the effects for each type of erosion and see which effects are most or least damaging.


This sample rubric can help teachers access the project.

Sample Video