Ages 5-11

Are You a Square or a Rectangle?

Students will demonstrate their understanding of the characteristics of squares and rectangles.


How does your height compare with your arm span? After making predictions and taking measurements, students will create an animation that shows whether they are more like squares (equal in height and arm span) or more like rectangles (either their height or arm span is greater than the other).


Topic Geometry
Target age 5 to 6 years old
Ideal group size 2 students
Time to complete 1 class period


  1. Students start by estimating whether their partner’s height and arm span are equal or different. Using the camera, they will take a series of photos of each other for their animation.

  2. Have them measure and record their partners’ height and arm span, determining whether the person’s measurement is more like a square or a rectangle.

  3. Using the photos, students create a simple movie in the Stop Motion app. The movie should also include the measurements takes earlier, along with the result: square or rectangle!

  4. Students will share their presentations with each other. It’s fun to create a chart to see if there are more squares or more rectangles in the class.


This sample rubric can help teachers access the project.

Sample Video