Stop Motion Studio for macOS

The Image Editor

Add Facial Expresions to LEGO® figures

Add mouth and eye shapes to your LEGO® figures to create facial expressions or let them speak. Of course you can change the head of the figure while animating, but you would need a large selection of heads. With Stop Motion Studio you can change eye and mouth shapes at any time. Make sure to capture the character with an empty face, just turn your head so that mouth and eyes disappear behind your hair. After you have captured all images, you can start adding facial expressions in the image editor.

  1. From the Movie Editor, right click the frame to open the frame edit menu.
  2. Select Edit to open the image editor.
  3. Click the Add Layer button to open the layer menu.
  4. Click to add a new Face layer.
  5. If not shown, click the face to see the layer handles. The blue rounds handle. Drag the middle to move the face image.
  6. Drag the handles to enlarge or shrink the face image.
  7. Click Edit to open additional options.
  8. Click the mouth or eye symbol to select a mouth or eye shape that fits best to the characters feelings you want to express.
  9. Since your character probably does not always look straight into the camera, you can use the rotate tool to adjust the rotation of the face. Click to rotate the face around its axis.