Stop Motion Studio for macOS

The Image Editor

Add Text, Shapes and Images

Add layers for text, shapes or foreground and background images. To add a text layer:

  1. From the Movie Editor, right click the frame to open the frame edit menu.
  2. Select Edit to open the image editor.
  3. Click the Add Layer button to open the layer menu.
  4. Click to add a new text layer. You can also add shapes, like speech bubbles, funny icons or symbols. Click the to add a new shape layer. Or add an image layer .
  5. Double click to enter the text.
  6. If not shown, click the text to see the layer handles. Drag the middle to move the text.
  7. Drag the handles to enlarge or shrink the text.
  8. Click Format to open additional formatting options to change the font, color, style or opacity.

Tip: Add multiple layers to separate background, foreground and animation. This way you can copy and paste layers between drawings. This will save a lot of time since you don’t have to draw those over and over again.