Stop Motion Studio for macOS

The Image Editor

Erase Objects from the Frames

Sometimes it is necessary to attach objects to the figure like a string or other prop, such as when your character is about to fly or jump. If you want to shoot such a scene, then it is important that you first make a ‘clean’ picture of the set, so only the background without figures or the supporting elements. Afterward use the eraser or masking tool to remove the string or other supporting elements. The eraser has two brush types, conceal and reveal. The reveal brush will reveal the clean frame image wherever you touch the screen, whereas the conceal brush will restore the original frame image.

  1. Capture an image of the background of your scene before you place any figure. This frame will be your clean frame.
  2. Capture an image with the figure hanging on a string or place it on top of a block.
  3. Right click the frame to open the frame edit menu.
  4. Select Erase.
  5. Click the square symbol to select a clean frame, a frame without the string. If you don’t select a clean frame the previous image will be used as a clean frame.
  6. Draw over the unwanted parts, the string or block, to remove it from the image.