Stop Motion Studio for macOS

Edit your movie

Frame Counter, Playhead and Capture Frame

The playhead is the orange marker in the frame-by-frame editor that indicates the current position in your movie. Drag your playhead back and forth to move the playhead position in your movie. If you add an image or an audio clip it will be inserted at the playhead position.

The scrub bar is the white line when hovering over the frame by frame view. With the scrub bar you can scrub over your animation quickly.

The frame counter displays the frame number of the playhead position as well as the total number of frames in your movie. If you move the playhead the frame number will reflect the new position. Click the frame counter to can change the display format.

The capture frame is a special frame within your timeline. It has a camera icon on it. The capture frame is a placeholder for the next image you capture. If you move the playhead to the capture frame position you can see a live view from your camera. The frame counter will tell you the frame you are about to capture.

Tip: You can move the capture frame to any position within your movie. For example, you would like to add more frames in the middle of your movie. Just open the frame edit menu and select Insert Camera to insert the capture frame at the new position. All images you capture from now on will be added there.