Stop Motion Studio for macOS

Green Screen

Using the Green Screen

This is a really awesome feature that professionals use all the time. Using Green Screen, also called Chroma Keying, you can change the background of your scene to make the figures you capture fly or appear anywhere you can imagine – just by changing the background image. But first, you’ll need to find something solid green or blue as background for your master shot. Use the color that is not or very little in your scene. If your character wears blue pants use a green background. Otherwise, your character would end up with no legs.

Start by placing a green or blue towel in the background of your scene. Make sure that the surface is wrinkle-free and evenly illuminated. Place your figures in front of the green background.

  1. From the movie editor, click the capture settings symbol .
  2. Select the green screen and pick a color to remove from the image.